John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time.

The true and fascinating story in words and pictures 1964 - 2016. Hosted by Bernie Cochrane co-owner of The Psychedelic Eye, a veteran of the entertainment industry who, after circa 26 years from last seeing it and after 6 years of research and legalities, was finally re-united in July 2011 with John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

Pictured left  is John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

just after it had been installed at Liverpool’s  then recently

opened  Festival Gardens site in August 1985.

Bernie Cochrane is seen on the far left of the picture.

Pictured right in B/W photo is Bernie Cochrane in 2015


John Lennon SEEN LEFT in a contemplative mood overlooking his Psychedelic Eye. Circa 1967

Just what was in John’s mind at the time, and what will be in yours when you see The Psychedelic Eye?

KENWOOD John Lennon's ‘famous’ home in Weybridge in Surrey England

where he lived circa 1964 to 1969.


JOHN LENNON’S historic THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE is now a major exhibit in The V&A’s headlining exhibition You Say You Want A Revolution : Records and Rebels 1966 -70 at The V&A 10th Sept 2016 to 26th Feb 2017 before going off to other world cities. Watch the exciting video on the Internet with Music Photos Chat many not seen or heard before by searching  ‘John Lennon The Psychedelic Eye Kenwood The V&A’ or  by clicking on the following link to You Tube

Click right to read to start to read all about, with pictures, how from john’s conception, his design, his installation into his pool at his beloved house Kenwood, the ‘psychedelic eye’  then went on display, then went missing and was finally recovered. By its owners circa 26 years later.

John Lennon’s - the psychedelic eye, a unique ‘work of art’ with its fascinating story, is soon to go on display to the public.


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