THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE  -  1987 - 2005

John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time. John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

So after loaning The Psychedelic Eye, The Blue Window Frame and other items to Liverpool’s Festival Gardens site in 1985 we duly learnt about the closure of the gardens and so needed to consider what we would like to do with our exhibition items.

At the time I was personally very committed to various major media and entertainment projects including the production of a Royal Charity Concert and a huge incoming 64 concert tour of the old soviet union

At the same time the co-owner of The Psychedelic Eye was also heavily committed to work schedule though not entertainment related.

It was as a result of both of our commitments the decision was made and instructions left for The Psychedelic Eye to transferred and be loaned out an for an

‘Indefinite’ period for display at a local famous children’s hospital where we felt John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye would be of great benefit to the hospital, its patients, visitors,

staff and parents alike, this it was after all a very visual ,

and a unique ‘work of art’ associated to local hero John Lennon.

We were also comfortable in the belief that our valuable items would be ‘safe’ and had been put to good use, our intention for displaying The Psychedelic Eye.


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