John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

November 2016 John Lennon’s historic THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE is now a major exhibit in London’s V&A Museum headlining exhibition from the 10 Sept 2016 to 26th Feb 2017 before going off  to other world cities.

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John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time.

So in the summer of 1985 John’s Lennon’s  - The Psychedelic Eye and The Blue Window Frame were loaded onto transport to be taken by Pickfords removals for display at Liverpool’s newly opened Festival Gardens.

Various pictures to the right show the eye and the frame at Kenwood being readied to leave, leaving Kenwood forever, and then at the gardens where The Psychedelic Eye is seen being hoisted into, and then in position for display.

John Lennon’s - The Blue Room Window Frame from the attic window where John had his recording studio,  

went into the Pavilion for inclusion in the Beatle City Exhibition being staged by Radio City. The Pavilion, later called The Dome,

is seen in the Ariel photograph.

As owners of The Psychedelic Eye and The Blue Room Window Frame along with other artefacts that we left for display and/or sale, it was our understanding that the gardens were to have an indefinite period of opening.

However we were to learn that was not the case and the gardens had/were ‘closing’, although by a strange double twist given what was to happen next, activities actually remained I believe on the site till 1996 and The Pavilion [Dome] was not actually demolished until late 2006. Even more ironically given what you will read next in this ‘incredible’ story, is that The Gardens

have in the summer of 2012 re-opened!!

THE STORY OF THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE NOW MOVES INTO ONE OF ‘INCREDIBILITY …..the next couple of pages tells what happens next, it is a fascinating series of events and ‘end’ conclusion.….….……….

At Kenwood a crane is

seen carrying The  Psychedelic Eye

to Pickfords removal


At Kenwood The Psychedelic Eye

and The Blue Room

Window frame are

seen being loaded

The Psychedelic Eye

being hoisted into

position at Liverpool’s

Festival Gardens

The Psychedelic Eye

leaves Kenwood


The Pavilion and Festival

Gardens Site. Ariel view

The Psychedelic Eye

in position Festival Gardens.

Bernie Cochrane [far left]

Pickfords man [far right]

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