John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

     THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE  - 2005 to 2012  2001

John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time.

In 2005 we decided that we would move for the return of The Psychedelic Eye, only to then discover to our horror that ‘the eye’ had never actually arrived at the hospital!! So where was The Psychedelic Eye, what had happened to it, why hadn’t it transferred, who if anybody had it, and most importantly was this valuable and absolutely unique work of art ‘safe’?

The answer came via one phone call to The Liverpool Echo who not only advised on its whereabouts they also advised who was in possession of it giving me a name and who, for the purpose of this web site, we will refer to as WR. More on WR can be read if you enter ‘The Magic Eye’ into your search where there are various entries, including early newspaper interviews he did.

On the 3rd February 2005 WR was asked for the return to us of The Psychedelic Eye which he had renamed as The Magic Eye, and

this he refused to do this saying it was ‘his’ possession. We never did find finally find out ‘why’ the eye didn’t arrive at the hospital although we have our ideas, and as for WR, in newspaper interviews he did it is said he had ‘found it abandon in a field’ or that he had ‘bought it’! It was also stated that he had been asked to ‘take it into storage’.

We then spent just under 6 years of actions requesting the return of our property and with this continually being refused we finally in issued in December 2010 court proceedings to get The Psychedelic Eye back, and on Wednesday the 6th July 2011 we got back possession of The Psychedelic Eye.

Whilst The Psychedelic Eye was in ‘good’ condition, it was not in the same condition as we had left it as for example the purpose made frame we had designed and built specially, was no longer there, and so began a process to fully restore.


Above photos of a derelict Festival Gardens site taken circa 2006/7 and available of The Internet.

Ironically in July 2012

The Gardens though

smaller in size re-opened

to the public

The Psychedelic Eye is to go on Display Again  y

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