John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time.

     THE PSYCHEDELIC EYE  -   2017 and Beyond

With restoration completed together with a full story board, including words and photos, John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is to go on public display. It is a display and exhibition that should not be missed.

John Lennon sold Kenwood circa 1969 and his association with Kenwood after ‘5 years’ ended, indeed it can be said that this is when The Beatles as a unit ended. Kenwood lives on with it’s history, the stories, the photographs and videos. and John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye  is part of that era .

Kenwood is sold ‘By Direction of John Lennon Esq’

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