John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye is a well documented, historic, fascinating and absolutely unique ‘work of art’, designed and attributed to arguably the greatest and most famous writer and musician of all time.


John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye was designed by John and which he had inserted on the deep end wall of his swimming pool at Kenwood Weybridge  England’

 John lived at Kenwood circa 1963 - 1969 the hey day of The Beatles.

 It is an amazing historic iconic awesome

 ‘work of art’ with people who have seen it having said.. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off It”. ”Amazing”….”Awesome” to quote but a few.

The Psychedelic Eye mosaic measures some 15’ 7”/4.75m wide by 5’ 1”/1.55m tall and consists of circa 24,000 small tiles

The V&A London 10 Sept - 26 Feb 2017

The Museum of Fine Arts Montreal 12 June 2017

Then 4 More World Cities to follow.

See it….Don’t Miss it….Limited Chances

See it - Don’t miss it.

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