So after first receiving  delivery of The Psychedelic Eye back into our possession at the offices of our solicitors Brabners in Liverpool on the 6th July 2012, the ‘eye’ was then transported down to a secret location in Oxfordshire on the 13th July 2012 to undergo full restoration, and where the television camera’s [again] were waiting to do a feature inclusion!

On an earlier page I did say that The Psychedelic Eye was in ‘good’ condition albeit minus its original purpose built frame when I first viewed it after some 26 years, and it was. However what I did not mention was that it had been previously cut into sections so when I greeted and welcomed The Psychedelic Eye back in Oxfordshire it was by way of it being in  8 boxes each containing sections. Fortunately it had been sectioned off very carefully without damage or distortion.

John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

The Beatles from their beginning, went through many creative stages for which  I think I can say‘we’ all benefited from or were influenced by and indeed I think it can  be said that The Beatles were themselves ‘influenced’ by others, such as original manager Brian Epstein or later musically, their fabulous record producer George Martin.  

One such influence as can be seen in the following photograph was that of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi circa 1966/67 when John Lennon and the other members of The Beatles became interested and involved in meditation.

Pictured left is JOHN LENNON - The Beatles and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi August 26 1967

Picture Internet Association Press

Psychedelia, the Psychedelic, the Flower Power era was born, a time of  ‘amazing’ fashions!, concerts, ‘free love’, and LSD!! and such classic recordings as Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, and so it was during this period that John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye came into being!!

The Psychedelic Eye was designed by John during his, and indeed the world’s days of psychedelia circa 1967. It is believed to be based on the much written about and mystical ‘3rd Eye’  - The Inner Eye, long considered to of a mystical and esoteric concept and that which is believed to be:

‘understood by, or meant for the select few’!

In the photograph shown on our opening page and below, John can be seen in a ‘contemplative mood’ overlooking his ‘eye’ so just what was in John’s mind at the time and what will be in your mind if and when you see ‘The Psychedelic Eye’?. We have found that anyone fortunate enough to see The Psychedelic Eye have been absolutely fascinated and mesmerised by it.

So having designed it what happened next for John’s - Psychedelic Eye?

On the following pages the facts, the details, photos, video, it is an amazing story!!

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